Galleri Ramfjord

Februar 2016.

  • "Ballettpikene"

  • Sogn avis

  • The artists and the gallerists.

Exhibition in Copenhagen. Galleri Ramfjord/Galleri Oxholm.

Galleri Ramfjord and Galleri Oxholm are going to have a huge collaboration project in May. Ramfjord is going to take over the gallery in Copenhagen and Oxholm is taking over in Oslo. There will be an art exchange where 6 artists will exhibit in Copenhagen and vice versa.

Really looking forward to this!!Ha ha Opening Reception
Saturday May 2 at 12:00pm.

  • Galleri Ramfjord

    "We have built a new 7 meter long wall in the gallery during the holidays. This wall links our two gallery spaces together and we will use it to promote one new artist every month. Artists that have not yet exhibited in the gallery. Newcomers and emerging artists. We have just started booking and l am so pleased to announce that Norwegian artist Ingebjørg Støyva is going to be one of the artists in February 2015. We are so excited, her paintings are just beautiful!
    #ingebjorgstoyva #debutantwall #thewall #painting #art #maleri #kunst #galleriramfjord – med Ingebjørg Frøydis Støyva."

    I am so happy, thankful and proud!!

  • S9 Gallery

    Picture from opening at Galleri S9 in Oslo.
    I performed one more cup of coffee( Bob Dylan)
    A new experience for me..

  • Exhibiton Gallery S9. Together with four skilled artists.

"Hands on the back"

  • Oslo City Hall

    Juryed exhibition in Oslo City Hall 2014 (NFUK)
    Two paintings:
    "Veltet glass"

  • Exhibition in Stavern.

    Poster for the exhibition in Stavern. Painting made by the Norwegian artist Bente Systad Syr. This was a juryed exhibition. (NFUK 2014)

  • "Salt"

  • "First time"

  • Subway.

    Subway exhibition 2014

  • "Conversation"